Thursday, June 10, 2010

Post-examination haul

My last paper is today. I finally finished my A level course. Yipee!
Immediately after the exam, I went for shopping!

Here's my after exam haul.

There's a lot of cheap clothing shops in Times Square but not many are my style.
My favourite is usually "Code Pink". Today I stumbled upon another shop.
Carrying this beautiful floral top.Ain't it so sweet? I like it!

A maxi skirt. I got from "Code Pink"
I have seen Kumickey wearing a maxi skirt a lot of times, I thought it looked so sweet! I couldn't resist when I saw this skirt in "Code Pink", I immediately bought it.

And, I visited!No other than Etude House! Love this shop to death.

My loot!

The Dual Fibre Cheek Brush.
This is definitely the best brush Etude has to offer. I already owned one and I got this as back up.If you can't offered a MAC 187, look no further, get this brush.
It's soft, it doesn't shed, it bleeds a little during washing. It's awesome for blush, powder foundation and liquid foundation.

The Lovely Cookie Blush in PK001.
So cute! I couldn't resist getting it.

I also stopped by a local drugstore to get a mascara since my Sasa one is drying up.
I eager to toss away that mascara, i don't like it at all.

I got the Maybelline The Magnum Volum' Express in Waterproof.

This is the wand.

I am going for camp for 5 days! So do not fret if I do not post at the mean time, I am sure I'll be back with a blast!

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