Saturday, June 5, 2010

Banana boat sunscreen review

Just stuffing in a short review on the Banana Boat Sun Wear Daily Sunscreen Lotion in SPF50.
Mine is the made with organic botanical line.

The packaging looks like this,Nicer packaging from their usually sports/kids line.
I don't know if they changed the formulation or what. The ones I used to use long time ago used to be pastier and not as runny as the ones now which I like!Pasty = ewwwww. Need more explanation why?

This is the consistency. I squeezed out a wee bit too much.
This amount is enough to apply on one of my hands.

After blending it out
It does not leave a greasy film. The scent smells like a lighter version of their usual sunblock scent which I am fine with it. Reminds me of the pool and beach, lol.

It doesn't say it is safe for face, so I wouldn't risk and use it on my face. I will stick to my tinted sunscreen for face.
Overall I think it is a pretty good all over the body sunscreen. One I would bring along with me to the beach.

Til then, until after exams or so. :)

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