Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tips & Tricks : Saving money when buying makeup.

On this very post, I am going to share my money saving tips and tricks when it comes to makeup shopping or how I save money when buying makeup products.

Couponing is not a thing in Malaysia nor big clearance discounts. When I was in Moscow, I had the luxury to get high end makeup at a much discounted price during seasonal clearance or 50% off storewide sales. 
Since being back here in Malaysia this has not been an option, so, I have found myself searching high and low for other methods and ways to save money or get money back through my shopping addiction. 

The first tip is a no brainer, that is participate in sales. Sephora has a biyearly 20% off storewide and sitewide, this is the best time to stock up or fulfill your wishlist. Even other e-commerce websites like Hermo.my do always have sales going around, do often check their website to keep track of sales. The last big sale they did was a 70% off L'oreal, Maybelline products. Doesn't that sound so tempting? So, do check on the website daily or subscribe to their e-letters if you can't bother but I recommend you to check in daily and click on attendance to collect points. 500 points is RM5 off! Starting this year Qoo10.com.my (one of the places I shop for K-beauty) always have coupons to be claimed on the website which is going to give you discounts when purchasing from the website.

Find cheaper options online.Like for K-beauty, the markup prices in stores can be astronomical. Do look around on online websites for cheaper prices. I often purchase my K-beauty from Qoo10, Hermo.my, Ebay and Roseroseshop.
Another tip, is to shop on UK websites, UK websites are very international customer friendly, they ship almost to everywhere. The good thing when you shop from UK websites, when you are outside the UK and European Region, you get VAT excluded. That is as good as shopping from the duty free.

This tip is from me and you are going to thank me. Shop on Carousell. You never know what treasures you might come across. Carousell is a platform to sell or buy preloved or brand new stuffs. I have encountered a few sellers who sold their brand new untouched luxury brand makeup products for more than 50% off market price. You can also get preloved makeup products and the prices are way cheaper than market price. Ofcourse it's not for germophobes or fussy buyers but certain products spraying or dipping in alcohol will do the job. I am very careful when I buy preloved products, I usually go for foundations or if it's others, it's either swatched once and never used or used once and never. Look at the pictures provided carefully or ask for extra pictures if in doubt.
I have bought a few gems from the site. Also, becareful when shopping on the site, do read the description thoroughly and if there's any unanswered question, do not hesitate to contact the seller and enquire. And, check on the seller's feedbacks!

I hope I don't get backfired by this because I know it is shady but buy tester units. Sometimes you just wanna try that luxury brand so badly but you just don't have enough money to spare or you just don't want to spend that huge amount of money on that particular makeup. This is when tester units will do the job. Much lower than market price, exactly the same product.

Also in Guardian or Watsons, never buy anything in full price.Wait for discounts or sales. It will come. 

Shopback.my. At first I thought this website is a dud bit after trying it myself it works and I got my cashbacks. It is sort of like the Ebates of Malaysia. You have to click on the websites you wish you to shop on the shopback page and if you shop using the particular page, you will get cashback. The referral links won't bring you to any sketchy websites. It will bring you to the official page of the website you wish to shop.
Sometimes, they do have some promotion like higher percentage of cashbacks and they will advertise any sales going on on online shopping sites.

Hope my tips and tricks is going to help you all to save money when buying makeup.

Also, I am not sponsored in any shape or form to mention the websites I have mentioned in my post. 

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