Saturday, June 17, 2017

Around Malaysia : Day 3 : Ipoh : Food, food, food

The third day in Ipoh started out with food hunting.
Most coffee shops open at 7am and by noon food will sold out. If you want to have a taste of Ipoh's finest delicacy, it's a must to wake up early. As they say, early bird catches the worms.

Our first stop is Thean Chun Coffee Shop.
This coffee shop is fame for their Ipoh Kai Si Hor Fun which translates into Ipoh Chicken Strands River Noodles.
It is a soup based dish served with flat rice noodles, strands of chicken and chives.

If you see red in the soup. Fear not, it's not chili or anything spicy.
The colour comes from prawn shells which serves as the stock of the soup to give the soup a rich and sweet flavour.

A lovely bowl of kai si hor fun, the flavours in the broth is very rich.

We are told that the Popiah from this coffee shop is great too and we ordered a wet version and a deep-fried version to try out.

I prefer the wet version better as I am not into deep fried popiah but both taste equally good.

A cup of Ipoh White Coffee and Caramel Custard.

This shop is not the shop for white coffee but we are already in Ipoh, we wanted to try it out to compare it to the fame Ipoh White Coffee shop that we will try later on.
The Caramel Custard is great, the smell of eggs is very strong and fragrant in this little custard. They didn't skim on the ingredients while making this sweet dessert.

After breakfast, we visited Concubine Lane.
It is said this place used to be the place where tycoons hid their mistresses thus the name Concubine Lane. Today, this place has turn into a tourist attraction.

There are lots of street arts around the place. You just have to hunt for them.
There's a map stating the locations of the street arts. If you still can' decode it, ask the locals, they would be happy to tell you the exact locations.

This piece of Street Art depictates how Ipoh used to be a tin mining town before it become the Ipoh we see this very day.

Time for more food. You can't just get enough food when you are out travelling.
This time around we stop by this shop called Xin Quan Fang for their curry noodles.

The dry curry noodles.
It's good but I am more a fan of Penang style curry noodles. So any curry noodles other from Penang is just alright for me.

The wet version.

Finally we stopped by Nam Heong for the fame Ipoh White Coffee. This is the moment I have been waiting for, this is my purpose for visiting Ipoh.
This has to be the best cup of coffee I have tried. It's rich and aromatic. The coffee leans acidic so it might not be for everyone but I really don't mind the acidity. In fact, the acidity is what gives this coffee its flavour.

This is our final food stop. It's the Mapo Wantan Mee Restaurant.
Wan Tan Mee is egg noodles.

At time point, I was too full to even eat. I left the tasting to the rest while retiring from eating for the day.

Dried Wan Tan Noodles.

Dumpling soup.

Our trip in Ipoh ended with this food journey all around Ipoh 

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