Thursday, February 9, 2017

Winter holiday haul : Muller

During my winter trip, I was in Munich and everytime when I see a Muller, I basically pop into one. Damaged done, I did haul quite some stuffs from Muller.
I just can't resist those German beauty products especially Essence and Catrice. Astor and P2 did not grab my attention enough to make me pick up from them.
Eventhough we do have our own Essence and Catrice, some items are not brought over. Also, deals are so much better in Germany, especially on their soon to be discontinued items. 99 cents each. Who could resist the mark down.

Only Zoeva was from Douglas. The rest are from Muller and mostly marked down to 99 cents.
Actually, I did not do too bad with the hauling, I still feel like it is very under control.

Let's start off with the brush.

I expected to see a full range of Zoeva products in Douglas but sadly, only the basics brushes are available.
I just picked up one brush from the range which I really wanted. I wanted it in the Rose Gold version but since it is not avaible. Well, let's settle with the basic one for now.

It comes in a black handle and silver feral. It is very nice to the grip.
It has enough weight to it.

The brush is really soft and dense.
Perfect for buffing liquid foundation.

I really like Zoeva brushes. They are pretty affordable and the quality is so amazing.

Essence lipglosses.
I picked up the three shades that were marked down for 99 cents each.
"Shy Beauty" and "Taste the Sweets" are from the I love nudes collection, while "Fabulous Fuchsia" is from their normal line.

They are good lipglosses for the price.
They have decent pigmentation, not sticky and a nice consistency.

Essnece Plump no Clump Mascara

This was also 99 cents marked down on the rack. Another mascara to try out, why not.

From Right : Essence I love Nude Lipstick in Porcelain Doll and Essence Matt Velvet Lipstick in 07.

The Porcelain Doll shade was marked down. I wanted to try this shade for quite some time but just never got to getting it. When I saw it marked down, I grabbed the last tube standing.
Porcelain Doll is a light beige nude with peach tones.

For the Matt Velvets, it is a newly added range to their collection. 07 is a muted pinky-rose nude.
Stunning everyday shade.

With contouring and highlighting being the thing in the beauty community right now. I too have shamelessly jumped into the bandwagon.
I knew Catrice was releasing their own contouring palette but it wasn't brought over here yet for the longest time. It was in my to get list in Munich.
So glad I got it.

It comes with a ashy grey tone contour powder and a pinky champagne highlighter.

The shade I chosen is 01 Ashy Radiance.
It comes in two shades.

There's no microshimmer in the contour shade which is a good thing. It is a matte finish.
Meanwhile there's lots of microshimmers in the highlight shade for that extra pop.

Essence Pure Nude Powder

This is another item that I have been wanting to get. This product is another product that is not brought over. The items that were brought over from their Pure Nude collection is their concealer and foundation only.
I got the shade 03 because it was marked down to 99 cents. Shades 01 and 02 look like a better match on me from the pan but when I swatched all together it was so sheer that there were no difference in every shade. I have not tried it on my face, let's crossfingers that it does not turn out too dark on my face.

It is a baked powder. It reminds me of my MAC MSF Natural.

Catrice Defining Blush in Lilac-tric

I really like this shade, that is why I got it and being marked down is a bonus.

Lilac-tric is a pink lilac shade.
I feel shades like this are hard to come by and when I do see them, I usually pick them up.

Essence Silky Touch Blush in Kissable

This is the last item in this haul.

The shade Kissable is a reddish plum shade with gold shimmers.
It is a pretty unique shade in my collection as I do not recall owning such shade.  The shades I own are usually pinks or peaches.
This shade is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely a steal with the mark down price.

Next part of my winter holiday haul will be a massive Kiko haul. Stay tune! 

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