Thursday, February 23, 2017

Skin update

I did talked about how bad my skin reacted when I was in Bangkok. There were small little bumps all over my left cheek, slightly on the right and the chin.
I did tweaked up my skincare routine and after about one or two weeks my skin pretty much cleaned up.

I hated my skin when I had the bumps. It isn't very visible unless you are under lighting that creates shadow but to the touch, my skin felt very textured and rough.

This picture was taken the 2nd day after I came back from Bangkok. As you can see that my skin was very textured with tiny tiny bumps.

What I did for my skincare is switching and adding a few products.

So, instead of using my usual toner which is either the Son & Park Beauty Water or Eucerin Dermo Purifier toner or Secret Key Milk Brightening Toner ( I do switch up between using these three toners), I went for a stronger exfoliating toner which is the Alpha H Liquid Gold.

This toner contains glycolic acid, which works as an exfoliater that assist in removal of dead skin cells and accelerate the renewal of new skin cells, leaving smoother and glowing skin.
For further benefits of glycolic acid you can click over here for a read on glycolic acid.

This toner really helped in clearing up my skin, I can see a difference overnight and I am not exaggerating. I can see the bumps getting lesser day by day. It is such a miracle worker.
Even so, I do not use it everyday since I do find the toner a little but strong. It gave a tingly effect on my skin.

Other than switching up my toner, I have been using Aloe Vera Gel to soothe my skin. You can use the Aloe plant or if you do not have one, you can buy a tub of aloe vera gel and it's quite affordable.
I would slather a generous amount every night before going to bed.
Aloe vera contains anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
It helped control my skin from any further reactions. Also, I do like the cooling feeling of the gel on my skin.

The other steps in my skincare routine has remained pretty much the same. I continued using my serums, moisturizers etc.

Here is my skin about 10 days later. Can you see the vast improvement.

Up till now I still can't figure out the cause of the tiny bumps.
I have since returned to my usual skincare, using the same makeup I have applied in Bangkok. My skin has still stayed okay, no reactions or bumps.

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