Monday, February 13, 2017

Aliexpress haul #4

Right now, I don't believe in spending lots of money in brushes. Maybe someday, when I have the extra cash to splurge I would start spending on makeup brushes of MAC, Hakuhodo etc.

Aliexpress has many brush selections for a very affordable price.I thought this is the right place to try out as many brushes as possible. I have purchased quite a number of brushes since I need to change my brushes. My current set of brushes has been around for way too long, they need to retire like right now.

I got a highlighter brush, oval brush and two contour brushes.
Among these four brushes I have been loving the contour brushes, they are so dense and soft. They made applying contour so easy. They have been my staple contour brushes.
The oval brush is okay, I have not been reaching for it for my foundation routine. I have been reaching for the Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge and Beauty Blender for my foundation and concealer application.
The bristle feels a little plastic-like and for certain foundations, it applies the foundation slightly streaky and you definitely need to work with it. This is the reason I do not reach out for it often.
The highlighter brush is a little scratchy but it does the job.

The ten complexion and eye brushes set.
The eye brushes are too big for my Asian eyes. I need to find other ways to use them. The only usable brush is the brush at the most right. It is a nice pencil eye brush. Perfect for blending.
The complexion brushes is a little small, even so, they are still great.

I also purchased the replica for the Zoeva brushes.
I love the colour, the rose gold, it is just so elegant.
Zoeva is not ground breakingly expensive, why I purchased the replica? I wanted to buy the original Zoeva rose gold brushes but the mark up at my local Sephora is outrageous. When I visited Germany they only had the basic line in stores and the only way I could purchase the Rose Gold edition is through the official Zoeva website. International shipping can be slightly pricey and it is better value when purchased in bulk. I am still saving up items to purchase together and also money to purchase the original brushes. For now the replicas will do me good.

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