Friday, December 9, 2016

Eating out Malaysia : Oribe Sushi

I was treated to a Oribe Sushi for my birthday lunch.
This restaurant serves in omakase style.
I have not been to such sushi restaurant before. It is a first time for me.

This restaurant is located at Vipod Residence. Parking is free if you tell the guard that you are gonna dine here.

Upon entering the restaurant, they will be waitresses to usher you to your seats. The ambiance of the restaurant is nice and quiet.
It is advisable to reserve a place in this restaurant as there are limited seats and it can get busy because it is located nearby to office areas.
We had reserved a seat in front of the chef's table.

We arrived at 12pm and we were the first customer of the day, so we could get a picture of the empty restaurant.

There are a few sets to choose from the menu. We chose the Iga set which comes with an appetizer, 8 chef specialty sushi, chawanmushi (steamed custard egg), a side dish, maki sushi and dessert.

The chef's assistant preparing our food right now.

The ingredients are specially chosen and air-flown from Japan by the chef. The ginger that is going to be served to us is homemade.

Every each piece of sashimi sliced to perfection.

Aburi hotate (scallop) sushi with yuzu zest

Toro (Tuna) Sushi

No sushi experience is complete without toro.

The side dish.
It is sushi rice with drops of shoyu with ikura (salmon roe), minced toro and uni (sea urchin) and grated fresh wasabi to top it.

Chawanmushi (Steamed Custard Egg) with little shrimps.

Miso shiru

Minced Toro Maki. 

Another round of punch of toro. There can never be too much toro. 
Toro is just so flavourful and it just melts in the mouth. Taste like paradise. 

The master chef, Oritsuki Hideaki preparing his masterpiece for other customers. 

To end the meal, Yuzu sorbet with Japanese peach 

Definitely a meal I enjoyed. I haven't tried omakase in Japan yet so I can't comment on how great or the difference between the ones in Japan and the ones we have here. From my point of view, this is one of the best Japanese meal I have ever had. 
Price point, it is on the expensive side. A luxury treat. 

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