Sunday, December 11, 2016

Aliexpress haul #3

I am back with another Aliexpress haul. This time around I did not just pick up only makeup items but lots of other miscellaneous items.

From the previous Aliexpress haul post, one would know that how much I dislike the Anastasia Beverly Hills replica.
These are not the replica despite looking similar to it. It is the Anastasla Dragon liquid lipstick, kinda like a rip off . I like the shade selection of these much more compared to the original replica.
There were much more nude selections.

I picked up 3 shades, from left : #2, #14 and #13

I like this formulation way much better. They do not get as crumbly or patchy on the lips. They are 200 times better than the replica Anastasia Beverly Hills. Still you get what you pay more. They can be slightly tacky as they dry but for me, the tackiness is quite unnoticeable. If it bothers you, you can always set it with translucent powder to get the tackiness off.
I will say the formulation is even better than brands like ahemGerardCosmeticsahem.

I love the shades from this line. They are so pretty.

Mink eyelashes.
I doubt they are really made out of mink but the quality and style of eyelashes are beautiful. I got these lashes mainly because I will have a few functions to attend and I just wanted incorporate some eyelashes into my look.

The Kylie Liquid Lipstick replica in Posie K.

I got it together with my replica Kylie Liquid Lipstick in Candy K but this arrived much later.

Suede tie choker.

It is much cheaper to get these choker from Aliexpress. I just did not want to spend so much money getting one from Lovisa or Diva.

Marie Beauty Eye Cream

I have been using this glue for the longest time for my false eyelashes. It is literally the super glue for makeup. Once it is on, it is really on. It doesn't budge or move. I have tried so many other false eyelash glue and it still come back to this glue.
I have been really loyal to this glue eversince I started wearing false eyelash circa 2011. It saves me from falsies mishaps, it is just that strong. At the same time it is really easy to remove. Also, it is so affordable.

That's all for my Aliexpress haul this time around. I did not get too many items like the 2nd round. 

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