Friday, November 11, 2016

Eating out Malaysia : Restoran Pik Wah

It has been a long long time since I had a full course Chinese meal. I can't even remember when is the last time I had one. Maybe six years ago.

My relatives decided to treat the October babies by booking this restaurant and having this luxurious Chinese full course meal.
I definitely enjoyed myself thoroughly with these food.

Four Season.
It is basicallyfour appetizers served in a huge giant plate.
Here, we have some fried fish cakes, meat wrapped in bacon, scallop and mini crabs.
They are all very delicious. I enjoyed the fried fish cake, there were salted egg, seaweed and a small piece of shrimp. It made the fishcake more flavourful.

Seafood soup.
There is faux sharkfin and crabmeat in this pot of goodness.

Fried cod fish in Thai style sweet and sour sauce.
I love this dish, the shallot and mint added a hint of fragrance to sweet and sour sauce and it blends well with the cod fish and the dried squid stripes on top of it.

Boiled chicken and choy sum
The most basic of Chinese dish.

Butter prawns.
Gosh this dish looks so pretty. The butter is so rich and the richness complements the prawns really nicely.

Napa cabbage with scallops.

Ebiko fried rice

Towards the end, I hardly touched the dishes. I was way beyond full.

Lotus bun that are dyed pink to look like mini peaches.
So cute.

Last but not least, a durian birthday cake.

Definitely one of the best Chinese restaurant around. The dishes served in a style very unique to their own and you can't find other restaurants serving the dishes in the same presentation. One place to go if you would like to treat yourself with a premium Chinese meal once in awhile. 

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