Sunday, November 13, 2016

Aliexpress haul #2

Curiosity kills the cat.
Before anyone starts lecturing me on the items I have purchased, I know that most items I have purchased from aliexpress are replicas/fakes but I couldn't help with the price tag.
I am willing to be the guinea pig to see how good are these products for the price.

These are the Lime Crime replica except for the one that is printed with Lipgloss, it is from a brand called Dragon. The packaging just looks so much like the Lime Crime.

From left : Faded, Bleached, Dragon Lipgloss in #8, Cashmere

I do not know how true to colour these are compared to the original since I do not own these shades.
Anyway, the replicas have a decent formula. They are very light but still go on tacky. Translucent powder always the saviour for toning down the tackiness. They have a nice scent too.
The shades I own do not go on streaky at all. They are pretty drying though, just remember to prime and prep your lips.

These are Anastasia Beverly Hills Replica. From left : Blush and Pure Hollywood
I do not like the formula of these at all and these two are very different in formula. Blush is a medium pink. It applies ok but it will turn up cracking and patchy after drying down. It is still wearable but you have to work with it. Just apply a thin coat and do not build it up.
Pure Hollywood is a neon peach and it is pure rubbish. This one smells like perfume overload and it is super streaky and patchy. There's no way of making it work.Off to the bin it goes.

M.n Liquid Lipstick and Danimer Liquid Lipstick.
From left : 30, 2 and 3.
These are so cheap, I have bought them before, you can refer from my previous haul and they are good liquid lipsticks for the price tag. It can be a little sticky but it can be solved with setting it with setting powder.

Qibest Soft Matte Lip Cream in 620 and NVX Soft Matte Lip Cream in 05

They are light and nice liquid lipsticks, I enjoy the shades. They do crumble throughout the day but not very major crumbling. I do stay well if you don't eat.

M.n Powdery Matte Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick in #15.
The shade is undeniably beautiful, it is a dusty nude pink. Just that this lipstick really tugs during application and it is tacky. On the lips, it doesn't budge at all and it crumbles throughout the day. Since the shade I own leans to nude, the crumbling is not obvious unless someone comes really close to your lips. I will continue using it because I love the shade so much, if not the formula is pretty meh.

I have to got to admit that I got caught up with the whole transparent lipstick with flower beautiful lipstick thing that I got one for myself.

Yes, you can see the flower in the lipstick.
On the lips, this lipstick shade will suit to the pH and warmth of your skin and turn into a lovely natural pink.

Pony Memebox Lipstick in #4

The quality of this lipstick and its packaging is really great.
It is a sheer type lip colour, it is moisturizing and smooth upon application and it leaves a beautiful sheer pink on the lips.

I couldn't resist getting these replica Kylie liquid lipstick. I purchased the one that comes with only the liquid lipstick because I don't think I need the lipliner and it is much cheaper to purchase without the lipliner.
The shade I got is Candy K, I do not know how true to colour these are since I do not own Candy K
I have not tried this liquid lipstick yet, I will get back in a FOTD when I got to try it.

I have a few more aliexpress items coming in but they are mostly accessories and others and will be posting about as soon they arrive my doorstep.

p.s. I have not had any reaction with any of these products. 

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