Saturday, January 5, 2013

Glowy skin mission.

Yes, just like what the picture shown. Another tiny skincare buy.
Eversince my skin gone bad, I have been really into trying out skincare. 

p.s. Sorry for the bad lighting, the plastic layer is reflecting my table lamp really badly. 

L'oreal Youth Code Luminize serum and L'oreal Triple Active Glow.

Lately, I am all for the luminous skin since my skin is really dry. While trying the tester, I like the texture of this product, it is light, grease-less and has a pleasant light scent. 
The packaging of this product is simple and classy.

Since it claims to even skin tone to reveal the skin's natural glow, I am really hoping it fades my acne scaring. 
So far I used it twice, I really like it because it sort of brightens my look. 

L'oreal Triple Active Glow Moisturizer. 

It is not like your typical moisturizer, it is peachy-pink in colour and you can see tiny gold flecks. 
It really works in brightening (and moisturizing!) the skin but not look like a glitter bomb, also I don't recommend this for oily skin people to avoid looking too shiny.

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