Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Gmarket Haul

I have an exciting news! Parcel arrived today and yes! now all my G-market items are with me.

At first, Gmarket was kinda hard to navigate because I don't understand Hangeul. After playing around with the site, it's easy to get the hang of it but you have extra good mix and match ability.

From the 1st store, I got mostly samples.

I bought them from this seller over here

I got samples for History of Whoo Soo Yeon Essence, Hera Moist HD Foundation and Mamodo Total Solution BB.

The samples.
I have always been really excited to try out History of Whoo's products because they have really good reviews in the Korean beauty community.
Hera's foundation is because of Hoversjelly recommendation and she mentioned it was one of her HG foundation. I trust most of her opinions. 

Mamonde Total Solution BB. The samples are huge! They are 30ml each and it is two bottles of samples each purchase, that's a whopping 60ml! 
That is as good as a full size gets and the price is such a bargain.

The seller is really fast. I ordered it at night, the next day, it is already on delivery to warehouse.
And I also got a small gift from the seller.

Two IOPE samples.

The mask from the samples, you can choose which mask you want from each samples.

The next seller is Mizon. 
Mizon is known for their budget skincare and cosmetics at a great , affordable price. 

Snail products have been a craze in Korea. I have thought of trying some snail products but some are just too pricey for me to try out because if I don't like it, it is gonna be a total waste of money. Then I found out Mizon and the price of their snail cream is affordable.

You can get it here

This the Snail BB. The most affordable amongst all I've seen on Gmarket. 
I have been very eager to try out a snail BB since I saw it in my local it's skin store but because it is not that cheap, I didn't get it on the spot. 

You can get it here

The last two items.

VOV foundation in 21 and PeriPera's Peri's Tint Water in 01 Cherry Juice and 02 Pink Juice

This is how the packagings look like.

The PeriPera water tint is totally adorable! The artwork on the box and lid is by Mari Kim.
Lately, I am really into lip tints because they are so easy to use and you don't really need to touch them up after eating or drinking.
The only downside is they can be drying but a lipbalm or gloss can always solve that.

The VOV foundation. I bought the wrong one. I wanted the watershot foundation, I checked back my selection on my overseas order and yes, I chose the wrong selection, so now I am stuck with the normal foundation but doesn't harm, I still can use it, just that, such a bummer!

The VOV foundation is bought here from this seller and PeriPera Liptint here

I am really satisfied with my first Gmarket haul. Their service was really good and everything got post out fast for this batch.
The parcel arrived my house in 2 days from S.Korea to Malaysia. It better be, because I paid a hefty price for EMS, almost USD20.
It is better to buy more or share with friends for shipping.

I bought 2 pieces of jumpers which I am going to continue in the next few posts.

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