Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring 15th haul

Spring has finally arrived here. I could finally pop a jumper and go out for a walk without being afraid I would freeze to death!

It's the 15th and If I am not mistaken I skipped my 15th haul last month. I was trying to save money on one of the month and I didn't pop in my local beauty store for a quick retail therapy.
Anyway, today, I am back with one!

Three Catrice Lipsticks and Maybelline Color Sensational Popsticks

I wonder is the popsticks discontinued because I picked mine up at the clearance rack. It wasn't at the shelves for the past few months and today when I went, they threw the whole stash at the clearance.

Well, since I am afraid they are going to be discontinued for good, I had to picked up my favourite colour, Tropical Pink as a backup because I really like this product.
A lot despise the popsticks due to the poor colour payoff but I love it, it gives me a nice glow of colour on my lips. I don't know if it is because my lips are pretty pale thus the colour really shows.

Maybelline Color Sensational Popstick in Tropical Pink.

Then I picked up three Catrice lipsticks.
I did some research before purchasing these lipsticks. These colours are close to current hot colours in the Asian beauty world (In Korea to be specific)
060 Oh Juicy!, 200 More is More and 140 Pinker-Bell

More is More is a medium pink colour with slight shimmers but shimmers don't really show up upon application. It is the everyday wearable pink colour.
This colour was on sale which is surprising because it doesn't seem to be a unpopular colour. I am glad it is on sale though.

Oh Juicy! is a bright straight-down orange. This screams spring colour! 
Orange is really popular colour in Korea right now, a lot of brands are pushing out orange lip colours, blush etc. for their collections.
Orange compliments for Asian fair skintone. It brings out the complexion by giving an illusion of bright skin. This lip colour gives an impression of a fresh, glowy and bright look, a really great look for spring. 

Pinker-Bell is a hot fuchsia pink colour. This colour is the bomb in Korea right now. If you have been watching Kdrama (actually I haven't but I got my source from going through Kdrama recaps), there's a lot of actresses spotting a hot pink lips. 
This is another colour that compliments Asian fair skintone. Like a bright orange, it brings out the complexion, giving an illusion of a bright skin. Instead of giving of a fresh look impression, hot pink gives off a chic and feminine feel to the look. 
It is definitely a must-have colour. 

I wanted to get the L'oreal Nude BB to try but from the swatches even the lightest colour was 2 tone darker than my skin colour, and I don't have the most porcelain of skin colour, so I have to pass it off. 
There was also L'oreal Mat Magique which I actually thought of getting it but the texture didn't wow me, it is too powdery for my liking and it looks like the type that would set in fine lines or dry patches. 

Other things that I am eyeing is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks. There are kinda pricey in my opinion but I tested them out in the store and I really love the texture and colour. I will be saving up to get them.

That's all for my haul this Spring. 

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