Saturday, December 24, 2011

mini buy before Christmas

I thought I would have bought more stuffs for Christmas. It looks like I ended up with a few stuffs.

Only 4 items. How sad is it.
A foundation, lipbalm, lipstick and loose eyeshadow.

Vivienne Sabo, I think it is a Russian brand. I could be wrong.
I like their Ton de Plasir foundation pretty much. It made my skin smooth looking and it has full coverage.
So I bought their Lifting Care Foundation to try, it is already cheap and my friend has the 20% off card for L'etoile.

Repurchased lipbalm. It is just an average lipbalm but I enjoy its scent.

The lipstick is another addition of the thousand bubblegum pink lipsticks that I own.
I just buy a bubblegum lipstick from every brand. This brand is pretty cheap but I am not sure where it is from.

A swatch of the eyeshadow with the super price. It almost match my skin colour actually.
75 Roubles is a pretty good steal.

An eye makeup of a few days ago.
I am trying the winged eyeliner style but it is seriously making look Kpop. It's sexy with all the cat eye like but sometimes I look fiercer with it.

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