Saturday, December 31, 2011

31st December

This time I found something really interesting off the Russian hypermarket's cosmetic section rack.

Merilin Liquid Lipstick.
It is really cheap and it is really really pigmented.
28 roubles per tube.

It comes in so many colors that I lost count how many, it was just placed in a box to be picked up.

The first time I went, I picked up 4 tubes.
The packaging is really cheap but you can't expect much for something that cost so cheap.

They don't have a proper colour name, they are named by numbers for their colour.

From left : 06, 04, 05, 11

06 - a light bubblegum pink
04 - a bright orange with some peach undertones
05 - medium warm pink
11 - hot pink

2nd time I went I picked up three colours!

More colours of the pink family.
I saw a nude tone the first day I went, I regretted not purchasing it. It is sold out.

From left : 20, 08, 03

20 - medium cool tone pink
08 - hot pink with less fuchsia undertones compared to 11
03 - mauve pink

So far this is the best thing i found in hypermarket.
It is very pigmented and very little is needed to apply for full lips and it last pretty long too.

the bad thing is it has a funky scent. I don't even know how to describe the scent. 

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