Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Travel Diary : Italy : Day 1, Rome

We started out Italy trip in Rome. Then from Rome we will head our journey all the way north.

During my stay in Rome, I did very typical things tourist will do when visit Rome such as visiting the Colosseum, Roman Forum and eating gelato!

Got my Roma Pass.
It includes 2 free museum/archeological site visits and free transporation.
Since we will be in Rome for 3 days and doing much visiting, it is more economical for us to pick up the pass.

The Colosseum.
Sadly it is under restoration at one side of the building and you can kinda see the construction thingy (I forgot what it is called) at the left side.

A sneak peak inside the Colosseum

After visiting the Colosseum, we took a stroll opposite to the Roman Forum.

It just amazes me to see how people of the ancient times without the help machinery and technology could build such a magnificent town.
And some these structures still stand majestic till this very day.

It is really big , you could spend hours and hours strolling in this ancient city.

It was a rainy night at Fotana di Trevi. So, there was not too big of a crowd. If not I guess one could not expect to get too close to the fountain without squeezing your way through.

Honestly, the fountain is much smaller than expected. It looks way more majestic in pictures I have seen.

It is Gelato time!
This is a small family owned gelato shop called Valentino near Trevi Foundation.

I swear the gelato of this gelateria is out of this world. Every flavour so smooth and rich.
The owner is very friendly too.

My favourite was the Ferrero Rocher flavour. It taste richly of Ferrero Rocher. Who doesn't love the world's famous chocolate snack in gelato form. 

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