Sunday, October 31, 2010

Twins alert : Magnum and Collosal!?

Happy Halloween everyone.
This year I am forced to skip Halloween due to work overload and test and exams overload. What a life!

Just a small comparison between the brush of the Magnum and Col
ossal. There's a difference eventhough the packaging is so similiar!

The Colossal's brush

the Magnum's brush

As you can see Colossal's brush is bigger than Magnum and Magnum's flatter.

I bought the Colossal mascara because it was 25% off. I wanted to get something Bourjois, any recommendation?

Another hair product I just got
This brand is like so out of reach in my country and in Russia this brand is everywhere. *jumps in glee*
I heard many good things about Schwarzkopf.

Also, there's Lush here!
I havent went into the store yet but one day I will.

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