Friday, November 29, 2013

Little Fantasy Cafe

This time we discovered a new cafe, Moomin Cafe.
The whole concept of the restaurant is inspired by the cartoon character Moomin.

The outside of the cafe.

The interior of the cafe.
It feels very homely and cozy. I really like how at home I felt with the interior.

What a cute and neat menu.

Menu of the day Greek Salad and Hot Chocolate.

The Greek salad taste good, I really like how fresh the vegetables are.
The hot choco is heavenly but there's like a rum taste in it though.

Menu of the day - Soup of the day.

The soup is simple yet heartwarming.

Menu of the day : Fish and mashed potato.

I really like this dish.
The mashed potato is creamy and smooth. The fish is steamed and garnished really well.
Overall, I find their menu of the day really worth the buck.

Pasta with chicken pieces and spring onions.

Chicken cutlets with sour cream.

I would recommend this cafe to everyone and their menu of their day.
It's a really great cozy place to hang out.

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